Baratta Luca

ORCID: 0000-0002-5836-8962

Luca Baratta holds a post-doctoral research fellowship in English Literature at the University of Florence. At the same academic institution, in 2015 he obtained a PhD in Comparative Literature (his doctoral dissertation, entitled «Monstrum, prodigium, portentum», won the Firenze University Press Award and received an honourable mention in the context of the 2017 “Italian Association of English Studies Book Prize”). He is the author of the monographs «“A Marvellous and Strange Event”. Racconti di nascite mostruose nell’Inghilterra della prima età moderna» (2016), «The Age of Monsters. Nascite prodigiose nell’Inghilterra della prima età moderna: storia, testi, immagini» (2017), and «Senza Testa / Headless» (2018). His research interests are mainly devoted to the social and cultural history of early modern England.

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